Sokaogon Chippewa – Thank you for your partnership with WOHVA.

The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA) would like to thank the Sokaogon Chippewa Community for the opportunity to partner together for the past 10 years in OHV enthusiast a venue for education and recreation.

Recently WOHVA was informed that the Tribal Resolution Agreement between the Sokaogon Chippewa and WOHVA has come to a conclusion.  We are saddened to hear of this news.

It was a pleasure to host our Annual OHV Enthusiasts Workshops and Membership Meetings at the Mole Lake Lodge and Casino.  WOHVA also enjoyed the opportunity to develop and maintain a remarkable 4 wheel drive trail network on Tribal Holdings.

WOHVA would like to wish the Sokaogon Chippewa Community all the best in the future!

Mission Statement
The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association exists for the sole purpose of proactively assuring that public and private off-highway motorized vehicular recreational opportunities are expanded in Wisconsin for safe use by this and future generations