Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association, Ltd. (WOHVA) exists for the betterment of society.  WOHVA is dedicated to upholding the individual rights of citizens and to the continued use of public lands. WOHVA believes that public lands belong to the public and should be managed to benefit all members of society. WOHVA is striving to protect the rights and freedoms of society to access public lands. WOHVA believes with firm conviction in this right!

WOHVA is a noncommercial association of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts organized for the promotion of interest in maintaining closer contact between individual members and the WOHVA Executive Committee, to promote cooperation, friendship, responsible conservation, ecology, and to  proactively assure that public and private off-highway motorized vehicular recreational opportunities are expanded in Wisconsin for safe use by this and future generations. WOHVA works to preserve access to public and private lands through education stressing safety, ecology, TreadLightly!® principles, wise and responsible land management policies.

WOHVA is a nonstock, incorporated association, chartered under the laws of the State of Wisconsin and operates under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986. Its affairs are governed by an Executive Committee, whose voting members are elected annually by individual members of the Association. No one, who could gain financially from the decisions made by the Executive Committee of the Association or by the shaping of its affairs, is eligible for inclusion on the Executive Committee.

An interest in OHV recreation is the only essential qualification for membership; ownership of an OHV or the ability to participate in OHV recreation is not a prerequisite for membership.  Membership inquires should be directed to the Membership Chair.