WOHVA’s Executive Director recently attended a 4 day training program designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead volunteers in building and maintaining sustainable trails for recreational use.

This training was provided by Trail Design Specialists based out of Georgia in partnership with the WI DNR. Milwaukee County Parks sponsored the training event which took place at Whitnall Park in Franklin, WI

The first 3 days consisted of 60% classroom instruction including a test on that day’s material, followed by a field training exercise. Below are bullet points of each days training and activities.

Day 1 Trail design techniques & mock trail layout.

Day 2 Trail construction techniques & begin trail development

Day 3 Trail Maintenance techniques & repair a section of trail

Day 4 Safety and Leadership techniques & field work.

Reflecting back on this, it was a rewarding experience sharing volunteer hours with other user groups and realizing we all CAN get along!

For a more in depth breakdown of each day’s activities see the Off Camber article in the Summer edition of Badger Tracks, soon to be released.